12 Female Superheroes that deserve to be celebrated!

12 Female Superheroes that deserve to be celebrated!

From kicking butt to saving the day, female characters have proven time and time again that they are forces to be reckoned with.

In fact, they've been breaking barriers and inspiring us for years! To celebrate International Womens Day, we've compiled a list of some of our favourite female superheroes, like the fearless Wonder Woman and the mastermind Shuri. 

From Captain Marvel to Kim Possible, here are 12 female superheroes that deserve to be celebrated and prove that you don't need a cape to be a hero!

Wonder Woman

Whether you were first introduced to her through the DC comics, played by Linda Carter in the 1970s, or played by Gal Gadot in the 2017 movie, if you know only one name on this list, chances are it's Wonder Woman. 

Wonder Woman is super-strong, powerful, compassionate and is a warrior that understands that there are times when that final step must be taken. Her true super power is her empathy and she embraces the ideals of a true hero: all good, all powerful and all loving. Wonder Woman is just ICONIC and we couldn't form a list of our favourite female superheroes without including her! 

Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff 

She doesn't need a fancy suit of armour or special superpowers. Natasha uses her wit, training, and superb intelligence to make things happen and get the job done. We wish we would be as cool as Black Widow. Even in the most pressuring situations, she continues to remain calm. For most humans, that's impossible! 

She's sassy, empathetic and fierce and we strive to be like Black Widow/ Natasha when we grow up!

Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers

Loyal, smart, hardworking and determined. 

It's not just Captain Marvel's intergalactic powers that make her special. Behind every her is a heart and soul and Captain Marvel has exactly that. Captain Marvel is an inspiring character as she knows her worth. She knows that she can get where she needs to be, and knows how to do it quickly. She doesn't rely on anyone and her power doesn't scare her. What a woman.

Scarlet Witch/ Wanda Maximoff

We see ourselves in Wanda Maximoff with how she deals with her emotions. Not so much with how she can create and manipulate reality BUT there is a side to her that us females can relate to on a personal level.

Not only is she quirky and creative, her powers extend far beyond controlling people's minds. Wanda has a caring personality that is devoted to protecting people, and a willingness to fight for what she feels is right. 


From being Wakanda's top scientist to a powerful warrior, Shuri is a force to be reckoned with. Shuri is a mastermind and is the brains behind Wakanda's most astonishing innovations. She's cheeky but brilliant, and we could only ever dream of being as smart and quick-witted as Shuri. Shuri sees zero reason to be humble about her brilliance and who could blame her?!


Yes she may be green but She-Hulk is relatable as she shares our struggles. If you ever have had career self-doubt or multiple swiping sprees on dating apps, just know you are not alone and even superheroes can empathise! She-Hulk likes to live in the moment which we love! She doesn't think through every action and prefers to just live life as it comes!


With such a big heart, it's hard not to love She-Ra! Her empathetic nature, loyalty and ability to see the good in everyone are just some of her admirable qualities. Adora will do anything to protect her friends and everything she does is to help her friends. Whether it's her loyalty to her respective causes or to her friends, Adora's loyal nature is often her key motivator. 

Aside from all of her excellent qualities, she's also a great leader. Her genuine compassion and ability to inspire others are what have made her be the valued leader that she has become. 

Miraculous Ladybug

Passionate, Independent and strong.

Ladybug is powerful enough to juggle everything and anything that is thrown her way. She has the power of creation, allowing her to create tools and charms which enable her to fight against villains and for fighting for what is right. What makes Mariette (Ladybug) a great model for younger girls is that she learns from her mistakes. 

Despite being animated, Miraculous gives us realistic examples of superheroes and doesn't try to set parameters on who can be one (which we are so here for!).

The Powerpuff Girls

Together they protected their hometown of Townville from various over the top villains. Who else can say that they achieved that in their lifetime?! 

For many of us, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup unintentionally introduced young girls to feminism and women's empowerment, which for us, has stuck with us through our adult lives and holds a special place in our hearts! 

With three personality options to choose from, The Powerpuff Girls proved that it was okay to be different and not every girl has the same interests and perspectives.

The show demonstrated how losing a tooth, wetting the bed, or having an evil substitute teacher or stepmother can foil your plans even when you're a superhero. 

We love The Powerpuff Girls!

 Kim Possible

A classic Disney fave. Teenage schoolgirl by day, crime fighter by night. She's intelligent, funny, strong, highly skilled and she's only a teenager!

What we love about Kim Possible is that for someone so young, she is confident, assertive and is aware of her own abilities. So much so, it's reflected well by her motto "I can do anything".

Sailor Moon

Extremely popular in the early 200s, the show tells the story of Usagi Tsukino, a schoolgirl, as she becomes "Sailor Moon" and leads a team of all-female guardians of the solar system as they look for the Silver Crystal.

Usagi (Sailor Moon) is brave, kind-hearted and fearless. She truly sees the good in everyone, including the monsters and villains she battles.

What makes Sailor Moon so relatable to her target audience is that she is just an adolescent girl. Being a magical girl soldier is just a part who she is, but when it comes down to her personality, she is goofy and funny! She inspired (and continues to inspire) a whole generation of girls across the globe to be proud of who they are.

Elastigirl (Helen Parr)

From making her own decisions to fighting for what she believes in, Elastigirl is unstoppable! Not only is she fun and determined, she will do anything to protect her family. For someone who is balancing her life with three kids, she maintains her inspiring kickass heroine status and excels in combat. She's there to save the world or solve the latest family disaster. Now that's what you call a true hero!


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