Squad Goals: DC's Bombshells

The world of superheros has given us our fair share of thrills and adventure, and there's nothing quite as thrilling as the DC Bombshells, taking the classic female superheros of the DC universe and giving them a retro spin full of glorious pin up fun.

The female stars of the DC Universe have arguably always been considered the classics, from Wonder Woman to Catwoman, Batgirl to Supergirl and every lovely lady in between. The DC Bombshells range offers a fun throwback re imagining of some of these characters with a cool pin up girl twist.

Our range of superhero goodies doesn't stop there though whether you're more into the classic look or the bombshell vibe there's something to get your pulses racing in our official collection. A cool celebration of the female superhero our range offer some of the icons that have become loved in every way for good or bad.


Often found skulking around in the Shadow of the DC Universe, Catwoman is one of the most recognized antiheroes, casting a fine line between good and bad these super thief is no simple cat burglar. First known for her skill in manipulation and pulling of major heists the role of Catwoman has been longstanding within the DC Universe.

Under different guises and plotlines Catwoman has become known as one of the top ranked antiheroes, a former flame of Batman, Catwoman is iconic for her black catsuit, masked face and whip in hand sometimes also being given more feline superhuman abilities in different renditions.

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Harley Quinn

Taking a step deeper in to the villain territory we find the legendary Harley Quinn, creation and on off lover of Batman Arch nemesis The Joker, Harley Quinn is a definite staple of the DC Comics Universe. Known for her kooky personality to put it mildly Harley Quinn is classically known for her jester inspired outfit, painted face and array of interesting weaponry.

From pop guns to mallets and more recently in the upcoming movie release Suicide Squad a bat. Harley Quinn definitely adds the fun to the whole supervillain thing and is in many ways as charming as she is crazy. Brought back into the spotlight with Margot Robbie taking on the new role of Harley Quinn this character has caused as much controversy as you would expect, she may be as mad as a box of frogs but there's no denying we don't lover her.

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Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy

Another tantalizing temptress of the DC Universe is Poison Ivy, the green eyed goddess who's toxic lips can take down even the toughest of enemies. Another former flame of Batman Poison Ivy gets her name from the plant of the same name, after a dangerous experiment gone wrong miss Ivy was born giving her a toxic touch and pheromones that offer mind control those those around her.

Known for her tinged green complexion and vibrant red hair Poison Ivy has been re styled several times through out her DC career, although a general leafy costume has always been a staple look, the DC Bombshells look sees the supervillain with swirls of the poisonous plant around her.

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Poison Ivy

The DC Universe is not all about beautiful supervillains though, theres one lady that has made her mark as a superhero not to be messed with, the one and only Wonder Woman. A beacon for the female superhero set up, Wonder Woman is more goddess than hero; an Amazonian Princess with superhuman abilities she takes it upon herself to save the world one villain at a time.

Known for her tough and gladiator style Wonder Woman is very much the American Dream, seen throughout her DC timeline in the American colours banding around her lasso of truth. In her Golden Age she was stacked up against Superman with her superhuman abilities, including super strength, super speed and  a range of weaponry including a shield and bracelets. The DC Bombshells take on the iconic character sees her in the classic red and gold colours with a cute pin up look.

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Wonder- Woman

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