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Season two of Better Call Saul came to a close last night with the season finale of Better Call Saul, titled Klick this final episode means each first letter of every epsiode spells out FRING'S BACK, which is all kinds of exciting! Could it be that one of our all time favourite Breaking Bad characters is set to make an appearance in Season 3?

Arguably Season 2 of Better Call Saul has been set at pretty much the same pace as it's predecessor which is if were honest a little slow, Better Call Saul really isn't the one to watch if you're yearning for action packed adventure, this is more about the characters and the little things that make them tick.


The final few episodes of this season however did ramp up the tension a little with the crossing and double crossing all coming together in one final cliffhanger; the episode began with Jimmy giving up the game and rushing across the road to the aid of Chuck who had knocked himself unconscious by passing out in the print shop. You get to see the moment of realization that everything he believed to be true about Jimmy's craft work cutting and pasting on the Mesa Verde documents is real in one quick shot where Chuck's eye widen as Jimmy rushes into the shop to help him.

Better Call Saul

This act again signifies the unconditional fraternal love that Jimmy continues to display for his older brother, through out the show we see jimmy continually struggle to gain the respect of Chuck, constantly in the shadow of the honourable and upstanding lawyer. Jimmy gives away his position by running into the printing shop, a theme that follows through this episode right until the final seconds.

The relationship between Chuck and Jimmy has been delved into even further in this season, snippets at the beginning of each episode giving some context to the characters. In a previous episode we saw the relationship between Jimmy and his father, a trusting simple man that ran a small convenience store giving away titbits from the till to con artists that tugged on his heartstrings here and there; a lesson that a young Jimmy quickly learns. At the start of the finale we see the final moments of Jimmy's mother, lying motionless in a hospital bed; in ironic but tragic fashion we see Jimmy step out of the room only for his mother to speak her last breath to Chuck, calling out Jimmy's name.

Better Call Saul season 2The following scene summarizes the brother's relationship in a nutshell, Chuck breaks the news to Jimmy bluntly, holding back the precious information that his mother has asked for him in her final moments. The bitterness and jealousy between the pair is fully highlighted here with Chuck showing his real colours towards his charming and likeable younger brother.

Within the episode we see Chuck being rushed into hospital, his 'condition' meaning the lights, equipment and frantic rushing around being torture to his senses. Filmed in an interesting angle the shots flit from buzzing hospital lights to Chuck strapped down to a bed as nurses rush around him not listening to his demands to turn out the lights. The angle gives across the uncomfortable feeling and the sense of tension that Chuck is feeling.

In this episode Chuck's rare allergy to electricity is touched upon again, we've always been given the nod that this condition is more a mental ailment that a physical one something than a concerned doctor confirms once he is forced into having a full body scan. The results shows Chuck's body is sound along with the mental capacity of his mind, but the fact we see him induce himself into a sense of catatonia is the confirmation viewers need to let us know there's more going on with Chuck and we really wanna know where all this started now!

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The episode is split between Jimmy and Mike's story, a favourite from the Breaking Bad series Mike is a great addition to Better Call Saul; the build up of Mike's story through out the season leads to Mike following Hector Salamanca into the desert with the intention of ending his Cartel reign early. Even before the scene plays out we know Mike isnt going to kill Hector, but still the scene plays out in intense detail as Mike can't get a clear shot.

As Mike's car horn blares unexpectedly we then get a taste of what's to come in Season 3, someone has wedged a branch in the car triggering the horn leaving with this a note simply reading 'Don't'. First thoughts of course go to Gus Fring, we've been waiting for his introduction in the series as we know Mike is his muscle within the Breaking Bad series. Of course nothing is confirmed, but fans are pretty much set on the idea it is Fring, questions arise as to how he or anyone else for that matter got around the super soldier Mike and how he knew Mike was going there to Kill Hector?

This episode leaves a lot of open ended questions, which is a good way to go to keep fans wanting more but it would have been nice to have something to send the season out with a bang, its arguable that if Fring is to appear in the new season it wont have as much of an impact as its already been speculated for so long.

Btter Call Saul

As the episode comes to a close the battle of the brothers continues, Jimmy rushes to his brothers aid again as he learns his older brother plans to quit Hamlin Hamlin McGill for good following his recent episode. As Jimmy enters Chuck has turned his house into something from the space age, taping across the windows and walls to stop the electricity from finding it's way inside, Chuck has gone off the deep end it seems and this time it looks like theirs no return.

Chuck breaks down blaming his condition on frying his mind causing him to make that little error on the documents and costing him his client. In these few painful seconds we see the resignation on Jimmy's face as he decides that for the good of his brother he will confess to the crime he committed by forging the documents. Jimmy spills the beans on everything, even praising Chuck on his sharpness at catching every detail on the plan perfectly.

Better Call Saul

In the closing moments we see Chuck press pause on the hidden recording device confirming the ultimate double crossing of his brother, it's hard not to feel bad for Jimmy through out the season but this is the icing on the cake. Of course Jimmy doctoring the files caused Chuck embarrassment and loss of respect as a lawyer but if HHM hasn't stolen Mesa Verde from Kim in the first place we would be inclined to feel the injustice.

Chuck has shown his ability to con with the best of them, putting on a performance for Jimmy that again played on his sense of loyalty and love for his brother, Chuck knew he couldn't let him suffer and he was right. Now that Chuck has his evidence it's just a matter of time before things fall apart but we will have to wait for Season 3 to see how that unfolds, could this be the beginning of Saul Goodman?

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